This website is dedicated to a group of people from across Holland who share a passion (or addiction if you like) for rally. Although the name suggests otherwise, to become a member it is not mandatory to drive one of those fine highlights of Japanese engineering: the Subaru Impreza. As you can see in our list of Members, there are some lucky ones who drive Imprezaís, but other makes with a strong rally heritage like SEAT and Peugeot are represented as well. And perhaps in the future, other makes will make their way into our group, although this can sometimes be a sensitive subject for certain members.

As a group we visit almost every rally or rally-sprint in Holland, Belgium and this year, for the first time in ImRAís short history, we visited a round of the World Rally Championship in Germany. Our first objective is always to have a good time and we appreciate the efforts of every competitor (even when they are way down the order), but of course Subaruís get our special attention and are treated on some additional noise! Not only do we love the modern stuff (preferably when they have a WRC acronym on the entry list), but we also enjoy the Historic cars that we usually call Hysteric cars because if their more interesting handling characteristics (let there be oversteer!).

Although we are quite a big group (16 of us in Germany) and we are not a very quiet bunch either, you can always recognise us by the Dutch flag with our web-address on it and the rather large Subaru flag (no, we didnít steal it!) that we carry everywhere we go.

As you will have found out by now, for obvious reasons most of the content on this website is in our native language. But this doesnít mean we donít master any other languages and therefore it would be nice to hear from people outside Holland as well. So if you want to share your passion for rallyís or Imprezaís* or if you have some comments about this website, the videoís or pictures, please use the guest-book or send an email to our webmaster.

Kind regards,
The Impreza Rally Addicts

* fill in your own favourite car